Note-taking powered by database forms!
Formbook is a new generation note-taking app based on database forms: create notes based on forms, to easily store any information.
Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Create notes as database forms
Formbook is the perfect app for structured information note taking.
With Formbook, notes behave like database forms: create a notebook and define the fields you need to store your information.

iPhone version

Formbook benefits
Form based notes have amazing benefits:
  • Gain a huge amount of time while taking notes as you just need to fill in form fields.
  • Instantly obtain chart stats on the data contained in your notebooks.
  • Share notebooks for collaboration with other Formbook users.

Usage examples
Here are some usage examples. Create notebooks to:
  • Keep track of your progress in sport training.
  • Remember your favorite restaurants in places you visit.
  • Store your recipes.
  • Follow to do tasks.
  • Prepare a trip by describing the places to visit.
  • Keep track of any object inventory (with barcode reader).

Additional features
Formbook comes with a powerful dashboard feature that visually displays charts on your data. Personalize your charts and analyse data in detail.
Export your notes as PDF file and CSV file to use the data with spreadsheet apps.
Formbook is cross device: notes are automatically synchronized on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch via iCloud.
Formbook is also available on your Apple Watch: access your notes and notebooks directly from you Apple Watch.
Formbook is powered by AI: save time with the new automated form builder. Enter your notebook name and Formbook infers the database fields.

Formbook app is synchronized with the Apple Watch

Highly customizable
Choose among 20+ form field types when conceiving your notebook structure:
  • Short text field
  • Long text field
  • Secret text field revealed by FaceID or TouchID
  • Code text field (programming languages)
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Stepper (number)
  • Slider (number)
  • Yes/No button
  • Date and Time fields
  • Calculation (using the data from other fields)
  • Images and photos
  • Handwriting / drawing
  • List of elements (with optional checkboxes)
  • Rating (with stars)
  • Email (with compose button)
  • Address (with map access)
  • Phone number (with compose button)
  • URL (with browse button)
  • Barcode and QR code (with scan button)
  • Current location (latitude, longitude, address)

Mac version

iPad version

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Privacy policy
Formbook doesn't collect or store any personal data. Formbook doesn't require any subscription.